Monday, 10 August 2009

Warp Preparation for Warp Knitting

To produce a warp knitting fabric on the warp knitting machines its require a yarn which feed on the beams, although in some case the ends of the yarn from the cone or cheese can be feed directly into warp knitting machine using creel, mostly this method only for pattern yarn on the lace machines, however for the ground yarn always using the yarn on the warp beam.
Warp beams produce at various warping machine, in this case for warp knitting, the warp beams produce on direct warping machines. Direct warping can be defined as produce in which ends of the yarn are wrapped in one operation from the yarn packages onto the warp beam.
Since the creel must supply the required number of the ends of the warp, there are two possibilities; either the creel can be very large or the width of the warp can be smaller. In order enable the use of moderate creel size and to simplify warp handling, section beams are warped. Each section its own flanges and number of section beams are placed on the common shaft to make up required number of ends for the warp.
Most of modern warping machine, can be work with 21” beam to 42”, these size of the beam mostly use on the warp knitting machine now a day.

The direct warping machine consists of the following parts:
1. The warping machine or machine head which use to turn the beam so that the warp or yarn sheet from the creel are wound onto it.
2. A front reed which separated a yarns and spaces to fit the width of the beam.
3. Oiling device to lubricants the yarn and reduce electro static on the yarn.
4. Backward device allows the beam to turn backward to repair and knots the broken yarn or remove the fluff.
5. Electro static eliminator which remove the electric static on the yarn due yarn friction with others parts of warping machine i.e. reed, separator etc.
6. Tension roller or roller aggregate to iron out differences yarn tension on the yarn sheet.
7. An eyelet- board or back reed to gather the yarns coming off the creel.
8. The creel accommodating the yarn packages.