Saturday, 12 September 2009

Warp Knitting | Attractive Shoe Fabric Pattern

Karl Mayer Pattern No. 186/2003 Lapping Lay-out No.S-3006412 This fabric renders shoes attractive.In laminated composites with leather,other textile material or film,the product offers stability,strong support and interesting look.Its unconventional net structure lets the laminate partner below shine through effectively showing color and structure to their best advantage.This achieved by the new combination of lapping and threading. The pore pattern has not only an attractive appearance but is also useful. Its stands for breath-ability of the fabric,for a low weigh and thanks to its material composition,it confers also easy care characteristics. Put thess attractive shoes on and take off!

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Pattern (finished fabric)
Stitch courses   : 31.1/cm (set:24/cm)
Weight : 99 g/m2
Finished fabric  : 114% of the knitting width
Finishing  : Washing,drying,setting
Machine  : HKS 3-M
Machine gauge     : E 28 (nd./25.4 mm=1")
Machine width  : 130" (330 cm)
No. of guide bars : 3
Machine speed  : 1800 [min⁻¹]
Production (finish fabric) : 34.7 running m/h
Material specification Percentage of  Run-in per rack
GB 1 (in front) dtex 76 f 36 polyester textured,spun-dyed black 50.4% 1050 mm/rack
GB 2 dtex 76 f 24 polyester textured,semi-dull 24.8% 1550 mm/rack
GB 3 dtex 76 f 24 polyester textured,semi-dull 24.8% 1550 mm/rack
Lapping Threading
GB 1 (in front) (0-1/1-0) x 3 // fully set
GB 2 4-5/4-3/4-5/1-0/1-2/1-0// 4 out,2 in
GB 3 1-0/1-2/1-0/4-5/4-3/4-5// 3 out,2 in,1 out