Monday, 21 September 2009

Warp Knitted Tulle Constructions for Lingerie

Whether they are printed,embroidered,decorated with appliques or simply use own their own,soft tulle fabrics in a range of lingerie styles will envelope the skin beautifully with color ans sensuality.

Subtle:bright,opaque and ultralight

The model show,with their sophisticated,floral design,are opaque and leave everything to the imagination.
A key element of this fabric is that the count of the elastane extremely low low compared to that used for conventional foundation garment.Its range from 22 dtex to 44 dtex,and enables very fine fabrics to be produced,which are extremely comfortable,since the low tension in the fabric means that the garment does not fell tight.The garment does not pinch or constrict the body,and almost seems to be saying to the wearer,'now you feel me,now you don't'.
The extremely low weigh of the fabric plays an important part in this perception of comfort.With a weigh approx 50 g/m2,it is one of the lightest tulles that has ever been produced.And although it is as soft as silk,it is not transparent.This is due to the combination of high stitch density and the extremely fine yarns,which keep the body hidden,without it losing any of its attractive,seductive contours;the fabric also exhibits excellent elongation in the length and width.

The color of the fabric also give them a new,elegance appearance.Polyamide has been replace by polyester in the blend with elastane,which has opened up new possibilities.Compare to the conventional net constructions containing polyamide ,which used to be dyed in a single color or by wet printing processes,transfer printing is now being used to produce a range of colored effects.This printing process is environmentally friendly and can print digitally processed designs,so that is therefore more flexible and more versatile,and less complicated than wet printing.The patterns are extremely bright and clear,thanks to the high stitch density ( number of stitches per cm2).Another advantage lies with the way the fabric is finished.The polyester can be heat-set,which means that the elastane yarns can be fixed-in better within the knitted structure.The new tulle fabrics not only make thing easier for the finisher,they also simplify the making-up procedures.They are very easy to process,despite their low weight.They do not roll over at the edges,and their excellent drapability means that they lie flat on the work surface.
Karl Mayer provides the machines that make all this possible.The RSE 4-1 warp knitting raschel machine in gauge of E 32 to E 40,can be used to produce these types of fabrics.They incorporate the elastane yarns,which have become indispensable in the lingerie sector,as a weft in the tulle ground.As supplement to classic charmeuseu fabrics,the HKS 2-3 high performance tricot machine,with gauge E 32,include transparent three stitch ,hexagonal tulle in the range of fabrics it can be produce.These are exclusively lightweight tulle fabric produced from elastane yarns having a count of 22 to 44 dtex.

Open-hearted: decorative and transparent
In addition to super light,dense tulle fabrics,net fabric with large openings are being use increasingly to create lingerie which in both elegant and chic,and which draws to gaze to what lies underneath.
The square or large hexagonal tulle fabrics are produced exclusively on RSE 4-1 warp knitting raschel machine,and contain elastane yarns in count of 156 dtex.In addtion to being comfortable to wear,the lingerie made from these open-structured fabrics has excellent dimensional stability.The fabric has mother-of-pearl-like sheen,which is the result of processing polyamide yarns in the airy pattern construction,so that the stitch stems dominate the appereance of the fabric.Open to every possible combination,the tulle conjures up a touch of luxury in every textile product.Whether used in a single color for the decorative upper fabric in bra cups,or on its own in the side sections or panties,the airy tulle fabrics produces on the RSE 4-1 will ensnare many gaze in its net.
And the warp knitted tulle fabrics are certainly a good catch.Whether used as a seductive lingerie fabric,or as the ground for beautiful embroidery,they extend the range of product that can be produced on Karl Mayer's machines,and support the dominance of warp knitted fabrics in this particular sector.