Monday, 3 August 2009

Warp Knitting | 1 x 1 Stitch

When working a 1 x 1 stitch also called tricot stitch, the thread is laid alternatively over two adjacent needles. During under-lapping the lateral connection between the wales and so a textile construction is produced.
Because the under-laps change their direction in every course, the heads of the loops lay also alternatively from the left to the right in every course. This inclination of the loop heads is a characteristic of warp-knitted fabrics.
The closed 1 x 1 stitch is very light and elastic. However, it is often used in connection with other bindings or binding elements (locknit, velvet, ...). The open 1 x 1 stitch is also very light but is less stable in shape.

closed 1 x 1 stitch:
repeat in length = 2 courses
yarn parts per repeat = 6

open pillar stitch:
repeat in length = 2 courses
yarn parts per repeat = 6


Soewarso said...

How to count thread length of 1x1 stitch, 2x1 stitch, 3x1 stitch, 4x1 stitch. Anything that becomes the basis for calculating long this thread. Thank you.

Warp Knitting said...

Dear Soewarso,
Please click this link for the answer of your question,thanks
YARN RUN-IN VALUE in mm/rack