Sunday, 13 September 2009

Warp Knitting Pattern | Fascinating Golden Magic in Lace

Karl Mayer Pattern No. 133/04

(Design No. TL66 0014)
From a Textronic Lace TL66/1/36 with 66 guide bars,from which 36 pattern guide bars in front of the fall plate,1 Piezo Jacquard bar,24 pattern guide bars behind the fall plate,as well as ground guide bar 41(pillar stitch) and ground guide bar 68 (elastane)
This lace band consist of an exciting mix of wavy lines with narrow bowing in upper part and manifold floral splendour in the lower textile.It has been produced on Textronic Lace and does fully accentuate the asset in efficiency of the new machine generation.The pattern weft-laying guide bars behind the fall plate are led over long shogging paths ond their application of bicoloured  polyester  and Viscose provide interesting colour effects.They are the result of the different dyeing behavior of viscose,polyester and polyamide as basic materials.This make the textile appear in a good-shaded pay of lustre and dull effects passed through by wavy lines with a yellow-red shading and embossing plasticity of the pattern elements.They are surrounded y bourdon threads laid in a filigree mode.
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Pattern (finished fabric)
Stitch courses   : 45.3/cm (set:20/cm)
Weight : 36.3g/m
Finished fabric  : 92.3% of the knitting width
Finishing  : Relaxation,washing,drying,setting
Machine  : TL 66/1/36
Machine gauge     : E 24 (nd./25.4 mm=1")
Machine width  : 132" (335 cm)
No. of guide bars : 66
Machine speed  : 350 [min⁻¹]
Production (finish fabric) : 4.6 lfd m/h
Material specification Run-in per rack
PB 1-36 dtex 156 x 2 Tactel® BR.Org creel
PB 37,38 dtex 45 f 11 Grilon®,C-140,300 T/M pattern beam
GB 41 pillar stitch dtex 44 f 13 polyamide, flat 1115 mm
JB 42,43 dtex 44 f 13 polyamide, flat 435 mm
PB 44-46,48-54 dtex 1200 elastane Cord Tactel® pattern beam
PB 57-59,61-67 dtex 167 f 42 viscose,beige,250 T/S creel
PB 47,60 dtex 167 polyester yellow/orange,red/pink creel
PB 55,56 dtex 78 f 34 x 3 x 2 PA BR.FT.Org. pattern beam
GB 68 dtex 156 Lycra®,clear 180 mm
Lapping Threading
GB 41 pillar stitch 1-0 / 0-1 // fully set
JB 42,43 0-0 / 2-2 // fully set
GB 68 elastane 0-0 / 1-1 // fully set