Monday, 3 August 2009

Warp Knitting | Pillar Stitch

When working a pillar stitch, the thread is always lapped around the same needle. Because there is no lateral connection between the wales, no textile fabric will be created. For this reason, pillar stitches are only used in connection with other binding elements, in order to increase the fabric stability in longitudinal direction.

closed pillar stitch:
repeat in length = 1course
yarn parts per repeat = 2.75
The feet of the loop always lay in the same direction in the loop.

Because the thread is wrapped around the needle in the same direction, a so-called false-twist effect occurs, resulting in unfavorable running properties. The term false-twist effect means that the threads get a false twist between two fixed points (tension rail and guide) and so tend to twist with the adjacent threads. Therefore, the open pillar stitch is of greater importance.

open pillar stitch:
repeat in length = 2 courses
yarn parts per repeat = 5.5
The direction of the feet of the loop changes in every course.