Thursday, 20 August 2009

Karl Mayer's | Warp Knitting | HKS 4 (EL) | with carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic | (CFRP)

Machine Review

The hallmarks of the HKS 4 (EL), which has proved itself so successfully
for so long, are its speed and flexibility. The optional use
of electronic guide bar control in particular has made this four-bar, high-speed tricot machine an invaluable production machine for efficiently producing even small production batches and for dealing with the short cycles involved with developing new products.
Another optional feature from among its many design features is a pile mechanism for producing high quality plush fabrics.
The machine can be changed over easily and quickly to produce loop-pile fabrics, since the compound sinker does not have to be changed. This flexible design concept has now been topped off by a system that is intended to considerably improve efficiency.

As of July of this year, the HKS 4 (EL) will be available with CFRP components that have proved so successful since 2007; this design feature will enable the machine to operate even faster than the previous version. The weight of the bars on the revamped machine has been reduced by up to 25 %, and the entire technical concept of the machine has been adapted accordingly. The working width is 18o", the speed has been increased from 1,400 min⁻¹to 1,8oo min⁻¹, and the rigidity and temperature stability have also been improved.

The threshold values in relation to fluctuations in the ambient temperature in the production hall have been extended from +/- 20°C to +/- 50°C. Loss of efficiency as a result of time-consuming needle tool adjustment and reduced speeds following long down-times are now a thing of the past. The machine is available in working widths Of 130" (136"), 18o" (186") and 210" (23.8").
The gauges remain unchanged.

Customers all over the world are extremely impressed by the advantages of this concept in terms of machine availability and productivity. Textile producers in the USA, Japan, Italy and China are already awaiting the arrival of the new four-bar, high-speed tricot machine that can easily surmount any of the obstacles that have previously stood in the way of increasing performance.
Both textile companies in search of new applications and innovative fabrics, as well as producers of established standard articles will find that the 14KS 4 (EL), with its CFRP components, is the ideal machine for meeting all their needs. In general, the machine has been designed to produce automotive textiles, upholstery and shoe fabrics, and sportswear, outerwear and cleaning textiles.