Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Stitch Forming Process on Tricot Warp Knitting Machine

knocking over pos0°- knocking over position

The compound needles and slides are at their lowest position (knocking-over).
The guide bars are in their foremost position.
The under- lap is to be made .
The sinker bar moves forward into the holding down position. (Picture- 1)

60°- holding downholding down pos

The sinker bar is in the forward holding down position,
the compound needles start to rise,
the slides are stay in their lowest position.
The guide bars complete their under- lapping. (Picture- 2)

120° - swinging through of guide barsswinging-in pos

The compound needles are at their upper position.
The slides rise but do not project out of the needles grooves.
The sinker have held down a fabric or the loops ,
the holding down unit is slackened by the sinker moving backwards into over-lap position. As they pass the compound needles the guide bars begin their over-lapping shog. (Picture-3)

overlapping pos185°- overlapping of the warp yarns

The guide bars are in the rear position. The overlapping is completed, the holding down remains slack, and the slides rise in the groove of the needles through the loops. (Picture-4)

tucking of the warp240°- tucking of the warp yarns

The guide bars swing forwards, the ends are laid into the hooks of the needles as they moving downwards, the slides still remains in their upper position and thus project from the needles grooves, at the same time holding down is tightened again by the sinker bar which begins to move back afterwards. (Picture-5)

315°- closing of the needles and casting off

The sinker bar has reached the foremost position.closing of the needles
The compound needles and and slides descends together and so doing the slides come out of the grooves and close the hooks of the needles. The loops slip from the shank onto the slide (casting on).The guide bars swing into their foremost position and start the under-lapping. (Picture-6)

beginning of casting off
330°- beginning of casting off

The compound needles and the slides dip down together into the sinkers.
The yarns laying into the hooks are passed through the loops being cast off to the form new loops.
The sinker bar starts to move forward. (Picture-7)


Unknown said...

Dear sir,
i wanted to know the standard set-up positions for knitting elements for trickot machines.
for example while setting the needle bar height from the machine bed we set it when the needles are at their lowest positions that is
at 0 degree.
but i dont know the positions for the standerd set-up of the clouser bar,and boath the knock over (Upper & Lower) set ups.if i am correct then lower knock over we set it when the needles are at their lowest positions (0 degree)
Dear sir this knowledge can be very useful for me for my future please provide the answer for the above questions