Monday, 10 August 2009

Warp Knitted Nets in Fish-farming

The mesh textiles for farming and catch the fish are usually produce on rachel machines,and can be worked with normal or super-knots.The super-knots have greater strength and volume than the standard versions.The area between the knots can also be worked as a single or double construction,i.e. one pillar stitch wale or two,if a higher strength or a flat cross-section are required.
The design can also varied by selecting different type of yarn.In addition to polyamide (Nylon),which in used the most frequently ,every others type of synthetic material,such as polyester or polyolefins,as well as natural fibers or fiber blends,can also be processed without any problem on Karl Mayer's rachel machines for producing fish nets.

Machines for producing warp-knitted fishing-nets

The Karl Mayer range of machines for producing fish nets comprises two machines,the RSFL 8 N-6M in gauge of E 12,14 and 16 for producing fine,lightweight nets,and the RSFL 8 N-6M in gauge of E 8 for producing nets for use mainly in commercial,large scale fish farming.
There has been an increasing demand from the sector for more heavy-duty constructions in particular.Karl Mayer was quick to spot this market trend and revamped its machinery for producing medium-weight nets to incorporate a model having gauge of E 6.
The new RSFS 8,with gauge of E6,is equipped with reinforced compound needles and guides,which enable it to process extremely high yarn count.
7.500 dtex per guide and 15.000 dtex per compound needle can be processed on this sturdy,robust machines at speed of up to 500 rpm/min,depending on the lapping material and width up to 260".A wide range of constructions can be worked,including standard and super-knots,and asingle or double connecting pieces with square,rhomboidal or hexagonal openings.
If the machine is equipped with the EL control facility,the article can be changed over in just a few minutes.
EL control of the guide bars,together with multispeed let-off and fabric take-down system,guarantee maximum flexibility and minimum setting-up times.Handling long chains and producing and storing the chain link now become a thing of the past!Different stich densities in the connecting sections and knots can be worked just as easily as the edges can be incorporated directly into the nets.The RSFS 8 requires two pattern bars to produce the smooth,firm fastening,together with six ground guide bar to produce the mesh construction.
This new,specialised machine has been available on the market since January of 2008 and has passed all its practical tests in different width and versions with flying colours.
The RSFS 8,in gauge of E6,is available for viewing in Karl Mayer's Development Centre in Obertshausen by prior arrangement.Souce Kettenwirk Praxis 2/2008