Sunday, 30 August 2009

Yarn Guide Finger on Multibar Warp Knitting Machines

Yarn guide finger is the part of guide bars or pattern bars used on Raschel multibars warp knitting machines.
There are two types of guide bars are used in Raschel multibars warp knitting machines,the first type is similar to the one used in Tricot machines,with guide cast in 1 inch per units,fully threaded and used for ground fabric.
The second type of guide bars are used to apply the pattern onto the fabric.These bars usually required only one thread for each repeat usually called with pattern guide finger,so that only a few yarns are threaded  across the whole width of such bar.
There are many different types and sizes of pattern guide fingers used in multibars warp knitting machines,some times use also tube guide finger which are specially designed to be used with bulky and fancy yarns.
The detail of marking many different yarn guide finger which used in Raschel multibars machine can be download here  at pdf file.