Wednesday, 2 September 2009

SERCOS on Warp Knitting Machines |Karl Mayer

One day, one of  lace manufacturer whose have JL 65/1F  Jacquardtronic warp knitting machine asked me what is SERCOS means,since often he got some error messages on the operator interface described fault of SERCOS and followed with others related error messages.That time also I didn't know what is SERCOS means,that time what I knows SERCOS is some data communication system or some thing like that.
Actually what is SERCOS? here is the answer for this........
SERCOS is an acronym for SErial Realtime COmmunications System, a digital motion control bus that interconnects motion controls, drives, I/Os, sensors and actuators for numerically controlled machines and systems. 

In the field of Industrial Control Systems, the interfacing of various control components must provide a means to coordinate the signals and commands sent between control modules. While tight coordination is desirable for discrete inputs and outputs, it is especially important in motion controls, where directing the movement of individual axis of motion must be precisely coordinated so that the motion of the entire system follows a desired path. Types of equipment requiring such coordination are for example metal cutting machine tools, metal forming equipment, assembly machinery, packaging machinery, robotics, printing machinery and material handling equipment. The SERCOS (SErial Real-time COmmunication System) interface is a globally standardized open digital interface for the communication between industrial controls, motion devices (drives) and input output devices (I/O). It is classified as standard IEC 61491 and EN 61491. The SERCOS interface is designed to provide hard real-time, high performance communications between industrial motion controls and digital servo drives.


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Hallo Manoj,
Very sorry, the articles and all comments about KSR drive and its links has been removed from this site for some reason.

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Im big fan of your site, I daily visit your site for new stuff regarding warp knitting & technology world is moving!

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Hello Manoj and all others reader of this site.
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