Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Winding Calculation for Warp Beam on Warp Knitting

Windings, warp length:
mm / meter                                                                   inch / yard
windings =     warp length (m) x 2000                                            windings =       warp length (yd) x 72
                                   (Ul + UA)*                                                                                          (Ul + UA)**
warp length (m) = (Ul + UA)* x windings                                    warp length (yd) = (Ul + UA)** x  windings
                                           2000                                                                                                      72
*m = meter                                                                                          yd = yard
*Ul = inner circumference in mm                                                   **UI = inner circumference in inch
*UA = outer circumference in mm                                                  **UA = outer circumference in inch
Actual windings
actual windings                           (UA actual ‑ Ul)* x  full windings                                 *Ul = inner circumference in mm
                                                                        (UA full ‑ Ul)*                                               *UA = outter circumference in mm
Maximum yarn feed ‑ FZ:
FZ (mm/Rack) = 3000 x Ul* x 480
                                  nH x i
Explanation of symbols:
m = meter
2000 = refers to Ul/UA and conversion from meter to millimeter
Ul=  inner circumference in millimeter
UA= outer circumference in millimeter
3000=max. speed of beam motor
480 = rack
nH = speed of main shaft reduction ratio of the beam motor: warp beam
72=refers to Ul/UA and conversion from yard to inch

No. Work steps Procedure Example
I U1 is known 617 min
2 Measure Ua 900 min
3 Program computer for Enter UI: Ua-value Inputs:
corresponding beam Ua: measured Ui: 900 MM
Enter Wdg (windings) (see Ua: 900 min
following work step) Wdg: 5 0
4 Detect thickness of winding Wind off 50 windings and measure Results:
layers. Ua again. 50 Wdg wound off
Note: Ua old 900 min
For this purpose, wind-off The more windings have been Ua new: 898 min
beam supervised. wound off, the more precise the
layer thickness calculation will
5 Calculate thickness of formula : 900 - 898 = 2 min
winding layers (layer layer thicknes = (UA old - UA new) 2*winding 2 / 50 = 0,04 min
thickness). 0,04  / 2 = 0,02 min
Layer thickenss: 0,02
6 Calculate windings formula : 898 - 617 = 281
Winding = (UA new - UI ) / 2*layer thicknes 281 / 2 = 140,5
140,5 / 0,02 = 7025
Windings: 7025
7 Enter new beam data UI: 617 min
Ua: 898 min
Wdg: 7025
FZ: upon request


Anonymous said...

Dear Author !
I can not recollect, where I about it read.

Warp Knitting said...

Thanks for ur comment,however I don't really understand what u meant....pls let me know more detail.

Unknown said...

Thanks a lot for your contribution. Your blog is really helpful for me. I'm newbie in the warp knitting industry and there is no training or learning materials provided for me from my boss. :(

Unknown said...

Dear Auther you are providing realy useful informations for warknitting thanks for that

i have one request if can provide informations on the standerd set-up of the knitting elements

such as needle hieght we set it at zero degree that is required hieght from the needle bed.
but i want to knwow about the toung position how to determine the exact position, again i know the lower knock over to be set when the needle is in zero degree. but how to determine the exact position of the upper knck over

Warp Knitting said...

the basic setting of knitting elements (standard setting) for each type of warp knitting machine could be different,depend of its motion. The basic setting of warp knitting machine mention on working instruction of machine called gang table.

Unknown said...

Does anyone can help me with the formula to find the gauge that was manufactured a sample?