Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Warp Knitting Preparation | DS 21/30 EC Karl Mayer

The DS 21/30 EC – a new computer-controlled direct warping machine developed
by KARL MAYER for the warp knitting sector.
Source KWP 1/2009
KARL MAYER’s DS machine series represents highly efficient technology for use in warp preparation
for warp knitting. A well-thought-out construction and intelligent design features enable high speeds of up to 1,200 m/min to be achieved when producing sectional warp beams having identical circumferences and lengths, whilst guaranteeing accurate and reliable operation at the same time.
KARL MAYER's high-speed direct warping machines operate using optimally coordinated creel systems, feed units and synchronised braking systems. All the operating conditions, start/stop and running phases are 100 % computer-controlled,and any variations in the circumference of the sectional warp beams are extremely small. The maximum variation is no more than a millimetre, even when extremely delicate yarns are being processed. If the machine has to be braked, highly innovative synchronized braking systems stop the
machine in just 0.6 seconds, and the running of the yarn sheet is fully controlled,even when the machine has been operating at high speed. These performance features can all be utilised very easily via the KAMCOS® machine control system.
The Operator Interface with touch screen facility gives a clear view of what is happening, and enables all the machine functions to be accessed easily. An Ethernet interface permits the data acquisition and Teleservice
modules to be connected up. These performance features have ensured that all the models in KARL MAYER’s range of direct warping machines have become real bestsellers on the market.
DS 21/30 EC A new model in the successful DS series is the DS 21/30 EC. This new warping machine
is based on a rational design concept, is relatively cheap, and is designed to produce standard articles on a price-oriented market. These features mean that it is perfectly matched to suit the requirements of
KARL MAYER’s TM2 and TM3 machines.
The performance features of these two basic tricot machines, which are designed to appeal to manufacturers who are new to this sector, can be fully utilised by using them in combination with the DS 21/30 EC.
The construction of the DS 21/30 EC has been logically designed to provide practical solutions. The technology for producing the sectional warp beams enables a warping speed of up to 1,000 m/min to be achieved, and yarn tension values up to a maximum of 200 N to be processed. The special technical
features include computer-controlled band build-up, a master beam/successive beam control system, an integrated MMI operator console, an intelligent, synchronized braking system, the tried-and-tested
KAMCOS® control system, and facilities for connecting-up additional units. The touch screen monitor is an easy-to-use man/ machine interface and can be used to display the process parameters and input the
beam data.
A range of different functions can also be activated and master lists can be stored - simply by pressing buttons.
The DS 21/30 EC is a rational, robust production machine, which meets all the requirements of conventional warp preparation and is another contribution from KARL MAYER for producing standard articles economically. When used in conjunction with the TM2 or TM3 machines especially, the efficiency, synergistic effects and performance features of all the machines from this renowned manufacturer can be utilized to the full in warp knitting.
This new model in the DS range has been used successfully on the Asian market since
August 2008, and has been available on the world market since January of this year.